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Fresh Air Gallery, Artists on display thru photography

April 13, 2009

I realized the other day that there is art outside everywhere, that many people are artists at heart, or gallery owners. They have either done some artwork on the side of a building, such as garage or barn, or silo as below, or they have purchased sculptures and proudly display them as if their yard was one big art gallery. In homage to that I have decided to find as many as I can and post them.

Here is the first in what I hope to be a very successful series entitled “Fresh Air Gallery”. (Although I can think of 3 other photos I have taken that qualify, but this is the first INTENTIONAL post of the series). I am putting them on display in my Picassa Album.

This particular piece is called “Pride of the Pasture” by CJ Flynn. It is about 30 plus years old I believe. It is up 50 feet high. Now I just wonder exactly how he did that?

Outdoor Art Gallery

Silo Art, Pride of the Pasture


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