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Still Scratching MY Head (no I don’t have bugs…)

April 10, 2009

Confused BeanI had a busy day today. First cows, then real estate. Had 2 homes to see about listing. One is what I refer to as an unadulterated antique in a very pricey small town. My type of home, I love antiques. This will be fun! First time on the market in FORTY EIGHT years. They will decide if they are really ready to move within the next few weeks. Loved what I had to say, don’t think they will argue about pricing, dream people all in all. Wait for those pictures folks. OK, it hasn’t been updated yet, but I am a purist at heart.

Moving on..

Phone conversation with someone who has a house to list. Her previous listing expired, We had the price talk, it all went well. Then she brought up the fact she had called another agent. Now, talking about commissions is a no no, so I won’t. But she asked me was I charging an extra half a percent for internet marketing.

I am still scratching my head. I think I have the listing.

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