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Baby Update, for those that follow my baby saga

April 9, 2009

I admit I have no picture of the latest addition to our farm family. There is a reason for this. She is not doing quite as well as she should be at this point, and I just can’t bring myself to take that picture yet. Cute as can be though, almost looks like a twin to the last one that was born, but this is a heifer. They have the same father. Sometimes they are just a bit behind the 8  ball after they are born, so she is getting all the tender loving care we can give her.

Our problem seems to be weak joints. And she is not the best eater. She is knock kneed like I have never seen before, and one hind leg seems to be a little weak.

NOT TO WORRY, we are not giving up yet. I just don’t want to jinx her by taking a picture. But we are hoping that her legs will straighten out over time and get a bit stronger. I am on a mission to find out what we need to give her. I will call our vet tomorrow and pick his brain.

Feeding has been a problem, we have had to tube feed her. She sucked half a bottle down tonite, then lost interest. Funny little thing, she thinks Jim and I are her mommy, we had left the door to her box stall open, thinking that she was not strong enough to walk out. Next thing you know she was tottering behind us down the alley. That is a good sign.

So, keep her in mind. She is cute as a button, and if I think I see improvement again tomorrow I promise pictures. I know someone is waiting VERY impatiently for them. (Not to mention any names, her initials are HOUSE PAT… )

You would really be surprised at how sensitive they are. Here is an animal, who at birth, is probably a good 100 pounds. Yet it is so difficult to keep them healthy. We have had such good luck, we have developed a pretty good routine of care for them.

So there is your calf lesson for today. Our next group is not due until sometime in May, so I have a bit of a breather.

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