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How to grab a client right off the street

April 8, 2009


A better ending to a very weird day. I have read and loved AR’s very own street sign realtor, Richard Bowman. I couldn’t do that, but I give him credit! Anyway, it really does relate to my story in a way.

I was visiting my oldest daughter today to talk about some pretty horrible things that happened a few hours before. Were were in the living room talking, and we noticed a truck driving slowly, backing up, driving forward, backing up, then pulled into the driveway across the street. The house happens to be on the market, it is a foreclosure. We watched a couple get out of the truck and walk around to the back of the house.

We were really engrossed in our conversation, but I kept looking out the window. I realized this couple was peeking in the windows of the house. In the middle of my very serious conversation with my daughter, I said, “excuse me”, ran out the door and over to the couple on the front porch.

I startled them for sure, I asked them if they wanted to look inside, of course they did, told them I was a realtor, made sure they weren’t working with anyone, and off we went!

So, now I have them set up with a listingbook account. They actually went on my website and signed up themselves, before I could get to it. Got another lead from a lead generator program my broker subscribes to. The woman wants to list her house, meeting with her Friday morning. And just answered an email from a former client who asked me to come over to her parents house Friday afternoon to list it.

A few of you read my horror story of today, and this is a sweet ending to a really really difficult day. Plus, when I came back inside my daughters house, we were able to really have a good belly laugh.

You just never know. OK, so I didn’t stand on the street corner with a sign, but I did scoop these people up off a front porch!

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