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Don’t even know what to call it.

April 8, 2009


Today was surreal, I almost feel like I am caught in a dream, a nightmare mostly. I don’t know why I have chosen to share this, perhaps it will help to shake the day off.

Started ok, got a nice picture of the clouds, went to the farm, always a nice start to the day. My little farmer friend was very sick. I called and made an appt for the doctor for this afternoon. I was scheduled for floor time and could not find anyone to take over for me. Broker had a closing to attend, on and on. I actually needed to come in to set up tours for tomorrow with a buyer. Then a friend of his called, she would take him to the doc, I could go to work. OK, moving on..

I walked in my office, cell phone rang, it was my youngest daughter, and she was hysterical. A friend of my other daughters boyfriend had stopped over for a minute to, asked to use the bathroom, locked himself in there and died. The police were now at the house tearing everything apart, which is SOP I understand. I raced over there to try and help her make sense of things.

He had died of a drug overdose. I had met him a few times, he had overcome hurdles in his life and was doing well for quite a few years. He was probably in his mid to late 30’s. Recently he had been hospitalized, misdiagnosed with lupus (oops). He thought he was dying. It turned out to be a very bad case of asthma. Bad news, they had put him on medication that he should have refused, and it started him down a road that led to him lying on a bathroom floor, dead.

My daughter is devastated, her life is complicated enough, this is yet one more hurdle to overcome.

I came back to the office to let my broker go to her closing. I needed a break anyway. The phone rang, it was one of those calls “Your factory warranty is about to expire…”. I hate those ones, they are a pet peeve of mine. I pressed the button to speak to someone and ask to be removed from the list, (this is my new tactic with all these calls), he called me rude and yelled at me, so…. I said something very rude back to him and hung up (can’t post it here, it was that rude, LOL). OK, he got the brunt of my frustration. Gave my broker and me a good laugh actually.

You just never know what a day will bring. I am grateful that my daughter is ok (relative term there), my grandson is ok, that my little farmer does not have pneumonia, that I have buyers to work with, that my other daughter and my husband are ok, that we have a new baby at the farm and it is a girl. I am reaching for things to be grateful for, but I am damn mad at this guy for coming into our lives and doing something so self destructive, something that will be so damn devastating to deal with for my daughter. I am mad as hell and trying to get past this.

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