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April 7, 2009


I read about a challenge on AR, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge by Darren Rowse. I am on day 2, and it really is fun, so far that is. OK, day 2, what do I know about how much fun it is. I am doing it to get better at blogging, really.

What I have discovered in the past few days is that my activerain outside blog is not bringing in the traffic that my New Milford CT real estate with blog and my Real Estate, Real Photography, Real Life wordpress blog are bringing in. WHAT WAS THAT? Yep, my FREE blogs are bringing in the traffic. I am not sure how that is happening, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I realize the wordpress blog will have traffic simply due to the fact that I am using that for the Build a Better Blog Challenge.

I am not willing to discard the outside blog from activerain. I will give it more of a chance. But if I am getting traffic on my free sites and none on AR’s outside blog, well, you do the math.

Just some random thoughts. To those of you who have taken up the same challenge, I will see you there!

Happy Blogging Everyone!

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