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Da Bomb or a Real Bomb?

April 3, 2009

Lookin Good BeanGood morning all. I am road testing this new header I made yesterday, hope you will let me know what you think of it. I think that a header is very important, and I want to use it consistently throughout all my blogs. I thought the best idea was to look in the AR mirror, so here I am! Do let me know what you think. Be honest, be brutal, LOL. Just let me know, how to I look?

I won a gift yesterday from Huiting Zhuang. He took at look at my outside website and emailed me a report on what he thought. I can’t thank him enough, and the funny thing is that I have been agonizing over this website, not happy with it and deciding what to do. I had recently taken a look at the website of one other of our ‘rainers, and I loved it, Centers and Squares by Elizabeth Bolton. I love everything about this site, she worked very long and hard. It is fresh, exciting, filled with up to date information on her areas, interesting things that readers will like!Key

My website is canned. Liz Bolton has a blog style website, with all the bells and whistles I have on mine. I realize that customization is the key to a successful website, and those themed, written for you type that many of us use are on the way out. I thnk I have grown out of my website!

I added a WordPress blog to my list of internet spaces. At first I was going to use it to showcase my photography. Now I am thinking that it may suit my needs as my primary website. I have 2 very distinct issues with this.

  • I have my own domain,
  • My email is tied to this, through the people who host my website. I like my email address, I like branding myself this way. I know I can point my domain to any website, but what about this email issue?

Many of you have wonderful websites, have worked hard and already come to these crossroads that I am now at. But I am here now, and trying to decide which way to turn! I am thinking that integrating a weblog with my website is really the only way to go.



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