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I don’t wanna be a “Flash in the Pan”

March 26, 2009

I love sayings, the history of them is fascinating. I have seen some here on AR, I always check online to see what the origins are. 

This morning I was thinking that I really didn’t want to be a flash in the pan.

According to The Phrase flash in the panFinder the meaning is “Something which disappoints by failing to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning.”Of course, we all know that. But, did you know it could be from the goldrush, while panning for gold miners would hope they found gold, and not fool’s gold, or “a flash in the pan”. Even earlier the phrase most likely came from the little fires that were in the pan on a musket.

What I really don’t want it to be a “flash in the pan.”And why was I thinking this? I have been blogging away, changed my bio, changed it again, been working really hard to hike my ratings on google AND on AR. But something happened yesterday that really made me think.

I was looking for 2 realtors for my father, one in GA and one in FL. I first pulled up realtors by the state, then county, then cities I was looking for. I didn’t want to dig far back, so I used those on the first page. I read their bios, I read their blogs, I went to their outside websites, then I made my choices. I had a revelation about what was important to me in choosing a realtor. Certainly ratings are important as I didn’t want to search through pages and pages of realtors. Bio’s were very important, I wanted someone whose personality I could see in the bio, after all, this is my dad! Then the blogs, did they have a sense of humor? Did they seem to know what they were talking about? Lastly came the phone conversations. I made my choices, and called. Both seem perfect for each situation. I know time will tell, but I am pleased with my choices at this point in time.

arrow man upThen I started thinking about myself. My own rankings. I checked, I am #3 in my county. I am WAY behind a loan officer and I am just about neck and neck with a broker I know of, met once, BUT HE HASN’T BLOGGED IN A YEAR!Now I know, many here have said that points don’t matter. But, what I had just found out yesterday was that they did, the rankings we have puts us on certain pages, and honestly, who is going to go back to check page 3, 4, 5? In that respect, rankings and points matter. After that, I am on my own. My blogs, my bio, my outside web pages, these have to reflect who I am, without compromise.


And please, don’t let me be a flash in the pan. Let me CONTINUE to blog, to learn and grow here on AR! Don’t let me sit out here in the rain with blogs that are over a year old!

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