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Pet Friendly Realtors

March 24, 2009

Sad doggieI had posted a few days back about a kitty that I found outside my home. It got me to thinking about the home my clients are purchasing. The sellers have a dog named Rocket. Poor puppers, he is more like the first Sputnik, not a rocket! He is 17 years old, very deaf, probably not seeing as well as he used to, and to be honest, has a bladder control problem.

While doing inspections, poor Rocket had an accident right in front of us on the rug. My clients were very understanding, Mrs. went under the sink to find something to spray on the carpet, and I searched for a leash to take the dog outside with.

I didn’t find his leash, but remembered I had a leash in my jeep. So, off we went, Rocket and I, for a saunter around the yard. He did all his business, and to be honest, looked quite relieved! I had called the listing agent and asked if she knew where his leash was, and she said no. I think she must have passed on poor Rocket’s story to his owner, because the next time I came, the leash was on the front stairs.

The next 2 times I went to the home I took him out for a little walk. He really was happy. He even stood in front of a cabinet, nudging me, for his treats, which I found as soon as I opened the cabinet door.

Selling a home is hard enough on the human family, but animals suffer too. I know many times dogs are loose in the homes. Sometimes they are caged, or removed for showings, but there are enough times I have seen dogs loose in the house. 

I am a pet friendly realtor. I have attended showings of my listings to take the dogs out of the house when my clients are at work. I have advised my clients to leave the leash out, doggie treats out where people can see them if indeed we don’t need to have the dog removed. I make signs up and post on the doors if there are cats in the home that do not go outside.

Remember, pets are family members too! Make provisions for them when selling/showing a home.

I have bonded with Rocket. I wish him well in his new home. I have made yet one more 4 legged friend, and am proud of it.

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