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UPDATE – Found a Cat in New Milford, CT

March 21, 2009

Update: I contacted Animal Welfare, they had me bring kitty in today (March 24th). She is actually only about 6 months old. So, she is in good hands now. If you know this kitty, or want more information, please call Animal Welfare at 860.354.1350 or check online at Animal Welfare in New Milford, CT.

I noticed a cat outside my house yesterday, and today she is back, frantic to come in. She appears to be missing a fang, is rather skinny, but otherwise ok. I can’t let her in my house, but I am doing all I can for her until Monday when I can contact local vets, etc. If this kitty is yours, or you think you have seen her, please call me. I am sure she wants to come home! She was up on Ridge Rd, by the intersection of Ridge, Chapin and Littlefield. (I cannotkeep her.) I have searched some online databases, but no one listed her as missing.

If anyone has any ideas for me that may help me to find this poor kitty’s owner, please let me know! I appreciate any and all ideas that you have.

found cat

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