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Bad day in Black Rock

March 19, 2009

I love to feel positive, to watch all the wonderful things that come into my life because of my positive attitude. I believe this, I live this, I made a conscious effort in January to do just this, and it has worked.

But, something happened today… I had a not so nice feeling this morning, a nagging old feeling crepping in, I could feel it. I did nothing… Then, I allowed, and I do mean allowed, myself to fall deeper into this funk. I could actually see myself falling down lower and lower, and was actually seeing that I was causing this to happen. I had control, and for some unknown reason I was choosing this horrible feeling. It came close to almost feeling good about feeling bad.

I knew this was not good. I came on AR, and read a few posts, lost myself in moments of good reading, but always going back to that bad feeling, the closest I can describe would be pity for myself.

However, as I write this, I realize that there are those out there on AR who are in the throws of frighting, life altering difficult times, TLW and BB for one. And I know there are more. I read a post this morning from Kay Bennett, in memory of her friend on AR, Christina Williams, who passed away after a difficult battle with cancer last night. These are things that are overwhelming, these are important things, things which show me that I am being selfish and immature.

So, off with my head! I am sick of feeling this way, and I choose to move on. Thank you to those whose daily life here on AR is an inspiration to me. It really did help me to shake this horrible feeling off very quickly in the scheme of things. I don’t want to waste one day of my precious life! I will try once again to go out there and do what I do really well, and that is march to my own beat!

march to my own music




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