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Finding My Voice

March 7, 2009

I signed up with AR on February 15, 2009. I read, re-read, commented some. I was intimidated by all the knowledge running rampant throughout ActiveRain. I realized I had to blog, the whole point of me signing up was to get more of what I learned was called Google Juice. Without blogging, where was I going to get Google Juice? Not like I could go to the supermarket here in town and pull it off the shelves. What was I to do?

I read numerous posts, both members only and public. I gleaned so much information about real estate and where it is heading. I saw ideas I must implement in my own business. I was reading voraciously, devouring post after post, hungry for as much information as I could get my hands on.

 Yet my palms were still sweaty and I felt queasy about posting. I did it, but oh it was lame.  I compared myself to the best of the best on AR, which is most of you! But my voice seemed weak in comparison. I was trying so hard, maybe even too hard. I wracked my brain to think of interesting things to say. I was worried that anything I could post would pale in comparison to what was already being posted.

 Then, in a moment of weakness, I posted something that gave me my voice. It was a totally selfish and shameless post, which I did only for the point value. Based on how many people were reading my posts I thought it would go unnoticed, and I would garner the points I needed without incident. Murphy’s Law, case in point, somehow it was featured.  And what did I find out? So many of you stepped forward and said HEY! We appreciate you for being you. Wow, where else would I find that?

 So, the lesson here is, be yourself. Sing loudly and proudly in your own voice.  There will be those who won’t find you interesting, but hey, that is the way it goes. More important, what you WILL find is a whole group of people who like what you have to say, who appreciate you. In turn, that will lead you to people who you can relate to and learn from.

Here is what I have learned.

 There are many wacky people on AR who appreciate my sense of humor.

  1. Everyone has something to offer me, no matter if I agree or disagree.
  2. If I took all the real estate classes and courses that are local to me, I would never have learned as much as I have learned in the past few weeks from AR.
  3. I love ACTIVERAIN.
  4. And most importantly, there are many many closet cow lovers out there. Look out, my mission in life is to OUT YOU!

 If, like me, your voice is a little cracked, I am looking forward to hearing it! Just SING!

(Photo courtesy Cobble Hill Farm Glee Club)

Heifers singing

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