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The Wrangler Club

March 4, 2009

Jeep WaveI drive a Jeep Wrangler. Fun little thing, not so practical for shopping, driving clients around, having my grandson in the car. Truth be told, not practical at all, just loads of fun. If I am driving clients I use another car. The is a rag top, during the hot weather I take the windows out all the way around, it’s like driving with an umbrella over my head. It really is a lot of fun.

The first day I drove it I noticed everyone that passed me driving a Wrangler waved at me. Very strange. At first I thought maybe I knew who was waving, but nope, I sure didn’t. I had my little farmer in the jeep with me, after about 5 jeeps had driven by us waving, he turns to me and said, “we must be in the Wrangler Club now”. Well, it must be true. Free membership, great fun, I love it. The best part was I had no idea of this club, the salesman never said a word. It was such a nice surprise, and at no extra charge!

Upon further research I learned that there are rules to this club. Wow, I never imagined it was so… well organized. If you are planning to purchase a Wrangler any time soon I suggest you read the following, it will explain everything. The Jeep Wave.

The funny part is, when I am driving one of the other cars and I pass a Wrangler, I still wave. And usually they wave back!

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