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Great Day in the Life of a Realtor

February 28, 2009

Another sparkling day! So I didn’t get to go to the farm and see the cows, I was busy WRITING UP AN OFFER! Wow, it has been a while. I ALMOST screwed up, the last offer I wrote was back in November I think. But, I pulled it off.

I met my clients at the house, they wanted their sons to see it. If any of you read my post about being a bit sore from all those plies (my husband teaches ballet, hence the terminology) I did the other day while taking new photos of a listing, you must know I am still suffering. So, they want to go down stairs to see the basement. I made 2 steps, and could NOT go any farther. They are pretty cool people, they poked fun at me and generally had a good time making me feel pretty silly.

Mr. Buyer wandered out in the back yard. He was at the end of the property, standing on top of a log, motioning wildly for me to come over, he was very animated. I got over there and he is amazed with the views (This house has some killer views over what many agents refer to as quintessential or bucolic Connecticut farmland. Heck, I had to use spell check AND the dictionary just to figure those words out! <g>). Anyway, he is very very excited. Seems behind the fence on the other side the neighbors have 2 Scottish Highland cows, complete with beautiful long horns. The wife comes down, and I am thinking oh no, this is it. He starts to say something about the smell, and she gets all warm and fuzzy, she turns to me and says “this seals the deal”, she JUST HAS TO HAVE THIS HOUSE! Seems she spent some very memorable years in France on a dairy farm. Who knew? I thought I was the only one who had such an affinity towards cows. And, a woman after my own heart, she states she loves the smell of cows and all that comes with them. It takes her back to her wonderful time in France. I am in heaven, and so is she!

We have submitted the offer. The only bone of contention is the custom made bar in the living room complete with kegerator (I don’t even know how to spell that one), which the homeowners want to leave. My Mr. is a clergyman, and Mrs. doesn’t drink, and they want it out and all damage to the floor repaired. I even had to pull the “priest card” with the listing agent to explain why this would kill the deal.

So, now we wait…. What a glorious day! Lesson learned,



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