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Down side to working in your jammies?

February 20, 2009

I am from Connecticut, we had snow squalls last nite, some of the state got nothing, some got 10 inches of the white stuff. All this in a matter of 3 hours. It was a white out. I had about 7 plus inches, hard to measure as we have wind here all the time. But today was really cold and really windy. (I am setting the stage here), With the wind chill it was probably close to zero, and the wind is really whipping!

Anyway, I got up bright and early and went to the farm to work. I did my job, froze my butt off, had a great time as always. Even got to play with my 750 pound pet. Now, it really doesn’t get much better than that. I came home, needed to get in some different clothes, so I put my pajama bottoms on (ok, they are leopard print fleece), a thermal shirt and a very large very red sweat shirt. I was sans makeup, hair was flying all over the place, happy as a clam to sink into the couch and work on the computer all day. I set appointments for this weekend, worked on my website, oh boy, what a day!

At about 5:00 the animals were all asking to be fed, so I got up and took care of the critters. Then it dawned on me that my hubby had gone to work before the mailman came, and I was expecting my new camera bag, so I donned a pair of sharp looking black sheepskin boots, tucked my smart looking leopard print fleece jammie bottoms on, put on my lime green parka, and flew out to the mailbox. Got down to the bottom of the drive just fine, no cars came by, way to go! My new purchase was in the mailbox, I was happy happy happy. What a day!

Yeah, short lived. Ass over teakettle, (wonder where that expression came from), 5 cars drove by JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME to see me, slipping and sliding, rolling around like a beached whale on my driveway.

Good news, I never dropped the mail!

I am seriously rethinking the concept of working in my jammies.

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