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3 days and I am hooked

February 18, 2009

I signed up with AR a mere 3 days ago, and I am hooked. I can’t read enough. As a matter of fact, I am worried that I am going to have to rethink the Blackberry, what if I am on the road and get an AR attack? I can’t carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. OK, I can, but I won’t have internet access everywhere I go, and besides the battery might run out. I try to go do other things, I read my email, I search the MLS, I am sending emails to clients, but then, my mind drifts off, the tab along the top of my IE that says ActiveRain Real Estate seems to get larger and larger, my finger hits the mouse pad and next thing I know, I am on ActiveRain again! The troubles of the world melt away, I feel instant relief. What is happening to me? How am I going to leave the office and go to the farm this afternoon? Is there a support group? HELP! (I am really grateful I made it in just under the wire to blog for free, I would hate to see myself sinking to a life of crime for AR blog time, hands shaking, sweat running down my brow, what has become of me?)


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