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Harrybrooke Park Creative Arts Festival, A FREE and fun event in New Milford CT Saturday May 14.

May 12, 2011

New Milford CT Real EstateLooking for something to do this spring weekend in beautiful Litchfield County? I have an idea for you…. The very first Harrybrooke Park Creative Arts Festival! And the event is FREE!

Many local area artists will be there, artists of all kinds, performing artists, musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, films to watch, historical art, there will be much to delight the senses and I am certain, a variety of local art to purchase and grace your homes. The list of participating artists is very impressive and there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday, May 14th
10 am to 5 pm
(Rain date is Sunday, May 15th)
64 Lanesville Rd, New Milford, CT 06776

Harrybrooke Park was given to the residents of New Milford by Mr. Frank Harden in 1965. It is a private park, run by a board of directors. The park is in need of repair, and a renewed energy to raise money is apparent by all the activity we have seen in the past few years for them to reach their goal of restoring it to its former beauty. It is a lovely spot, I have spent many an afternoon there with my children when they were growing up over the years, and look forward to the same wonderful times and memories with my grandsons. I do hope to see you there!

Bring a blanket, enjoy the performances, take a stroll through the lovely grounds, come and show your support for Harrybrooke Park AND our very talented local artists!

ActiveRainPhotoBloggerContest, and so it began…

May 11, 2011

The photo that started it all… my dreams ascended with the stairs that sparked my imagination and filled my soul.

Cape Poge Light House

I took this photo while on vacation while at a dear friends house on Martha’s Vineyard a few years back with my old Pentax point and shoot. Our spouses were both busy and couldn’t go, so we sadly said goodby to them and drove as fast as we could for a long weekend to his house on the Vineyard. The whole place is magical, his house is actually located within the confines of the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge on Chappaquiddick Island. No electricity, unless you make your own, when the sun set we lit candles and oil lamps, drinking in the smells and sounds the ocean provides.

It was reminissent of my life, another life so many years ago on a ranch along the Verde River in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. No power unless we generated our own, no phone lines, miles to the nearest town, life was fantastic! Cape Poge might be thousands of miles and a different landscape from Arizona, and it had been many, many years ago, but the serenity and peace of the place brought back so many happy memories for me of a different time in my life.

One side of the house faces the bay, the other side the ocean, with the lighthouse framed by the kitchen and my bedroom window. With the peace and quiet surrounding us, the smell of the ocean permeating everything, waves lulling me to sleep and night and waking me up in the morning, it was a dream come true. No intrusions from the outside world. The only way in or out is along the beach at low tide, any trips to the store have to be planned around the ebb and flow of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. What a life!

Simple meals, a boiled lobster, corn on the cob, a glass of wine and all the eye candy you can take in. Or how about cheese and wine on the beach, watching the sun setting? Not one other person as far as my eye could see, only the birds running along the beach, darting back and forth with the lap of the waves. We ate on the porch for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one special meal we ate ourselves silly on the steamers I had dug up.

Then we took a walk over to the Cape Poge Lighthouse, my curiosity had been piqued after watching the light house from my bedroom window. I looked inside and shot the photo that made me realize how much I love to take photographs, how photography speaks volumes from one simple click. This is my most favorite photo I have ever taken, and I am sure it will remain so. I can sit very still and hear the waves, I remember the wonderful history of the lighthouse, the generations who lived a harsh life to tend the lights for the ships at sea, I wonder if they loved it as much as I did.

Within my simple photo I see both the past and the future, the hard work of those before me who sacrificed all to tend the flames, the promise of a bright future ahead, the inescapable truth of the past and the fact that our future is full of promise, all is within our grasp. Nothing is impossible. All one has to do is to climb the stairs!

My camera is not working right with ActiveRain….

May 11, 2011

If it were, these photos would be spectacular! I set it to the highest setting, I turned on all the bells and whistles… and nothing…. if it were working right you would not only see this….

Apple tree in spring New Milford CT

You would smell the faint sweetness of the old apple tree as I do…
Apple tree in spring New Milford CT
I had set it to smell-o-vision…
Apple tree in spring New Milford CT
I even got closer…
Apple tree in spring New Milford CT
I went up underneath it…
Apple tree in spring New Milford CT
But nothing… no smell at all! I tried to sit on the old chairs, but someone else was there, watching over all the birds overhead hiding in the branches…

Apple tree in spring New Milford CT

He just didn’t feel like sharing with me.

Guess you will just have to be content with the regular photos, sans smell-o-vision, until ActiveRain gets fixed. Then perhaps you can not only enjoy my old apple tree in the spring, but you will get to smell it too!

Short sales in the greater New Milford CT area, warning from CT DCP and CT DOB

May 10, 2011

short sales new milford ctShort sale negotiators (any debt negotiators) in Connecticut must be licensed by the CT Dept of Consumer Protection, unless the person doing the negotiations is an attorney or a real estate agent. These people are covered by the license they already have. A licensed debt negotiator in Connecticut is only allowed to collect a maximum $500 fee for negotiations on a secured debt at closing, from either the mortgagor or debtor, and only upon the successful completion of the debt negotiation.

A warning has been issued today to all real estate licensees by The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and the Connecticut Department of Banking that they are investigating complaints that short sale negotiators are entering into agreements with the consumer and the real estate agents who represent the owner of the property to receive portions of the real estate commission meant for the real estate broker. This is against the law!

Real estate brokers and agents are not allowed to, by law, share our commissions with anyone that does not hold a real estate license. This puts every one at risk. You can read more here from the Connecticut Department of Banking.

If indeed you are approached by either your debt negotiator or your real estate agent that this is common practice, please remember that all parties concerned can get into serious trouble and will be breaking the law. Home owners who are underwater, who cannot pay their mortgage, who owe more than their house is worth and are now finding themselves unable to pay their mortgage should consult with a qualified short sale real estate agent and/or attorney. If your real estate agent brings a short sale negotiator on board, make sure they are licensed, and that they are not asking you to help them break the law.

If you would like more information on short sales in the Greater New Milford, CT area, please call me at 203.460.1775, or send me an email at the contact below for a confidential interview.

Carlson’s Ridge Active Adult Home for Sale in New Milford CT

May 7, 2011

New Milford CT 06776 Real Estate Market Activity April 2011

May 3, 2011

New Milford CT Real Estate

How’s the real estate market in New Milford, CT? Check it out.

Currently in New Milford, CT there are 270 single family homes for sale. of these, 6 are foreclosures. 

18 single family homes sold in New Milford, CT in April 2011. This is 6 more than last month. Of these homes that sold, the average list price was $264,456. The average sale price was $251,708. We seem to be on the rise again for the amount of homes sold in New Milford, CT, although the average sale price is down quite a bit from last month (March 2011), which was $378,833. 3 of the sales in April were foreclosures.

The average list price of single family homes for sale in New Milford, CT is $462,959.

The average market time for these active listings in New Milford, CT is 145 days.

The highest price home for sale in New Milford, CT is $5,900,000, a beautiful estate belonging to a world famous comedienne, and located on the New Milford, New Preston, CT border. This home, as of today, has been on the market for over 2 years.

The lowest priced home for sale in New Milford, CT is $70,000, a foreclosure in a Candlewood Lake community. I know this home has serious issues with the well. This home is also under deposit at this moment in time. It will be a cash buyer, if the property closes.

Of the 270 single family homes for sale in New Milford, CT, 18 homes are under deposit. The average list price of these homes is $286,660, the average market time is 157 days. 2 of these homes are foreclosures.

Currently there are 23 homes that are in the pending sale status in New Milford, CT. The average list price of these homes in the pending sale status is $320,639, 3 of these are foreclosures. The average market time for these homes is 156 days.

What does all of this mean? We are seeing more homes available for sale, and more sales closed. The predictions are the dollar amount will continue a downward trend. We are seeing increased sales activity, all geared towards homes that are priced well according to not only the condition of the home, but the condition of our local real estate market here in New Milford, CT.


New Milford CT Real Estate

New Milford CT Real Estate

Check out the previous home sale market activity report for March, 2011.

Interest rates are still low, housing prices are low, if you are ready to buy a home in New Milford, CT.

Click here to search for homes for sale in New Milford.

The above statistics are provided courtesy of Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service (CMLS). Information provided is deemed reliable, but not necessarily accurate. There may be discrepancies, as
mistakes in inputing can be made, and the fact that Connecticut has more than one multiple listing service. There may be instances where a home was/is for sale in New Milford and is on the other multiple listing
service. Most of the homes for sale are listed on CMLS, therefore that is where I base my statistical information. I do believe it gives a good sense of what is happening in New Milford.

New Milford CT Well Testing

April 26, 2011

New Milford CT Real EstateNew Milford, CT Real Estate, well testing, shocking information indeed! Put away your taser’s, don’t bother with your rubber soles shoes, and I am not hooking you up to my electric shock machine gadget! I am not even going to have you stand in the middle of the golf course behind my office with a golf club in your hand in the middle of an electrical storm! In the Greater New Milford, CT area where I sell real estate, wells and septic systems are the norm, not the exception. Part of a good home inspection will test the quality of the well water, the performance of the well and the septic system for its functionality.

Today I am speaking to one of the most common issues we find here in the Greater New Milford CT area, well water contaminates such as total coliform bacteria. I always suggest to my clients they test the well water once a year on a regular basis for contaminates and as needed if there was any flooding (standing water because of heavy rains) around the well area. You can do this yourself, or contact a company to come in and do it for you. I like to use HydroTechnologies in New Milford, they will explain everything and will either give you the test kit or send someone out to gather the sample for you.

So, what is so shocking? Shocking the well of course! If you find total coliform bacteria in your well water,you will want to have the well shocked with chlorine. You can call in a professional, or you can try it yourself. The State of CT DEP has a few excellent handouts on bacterial contaminates commonly found in wells, and what you can do about it.

Bacteria in private drinking water wells
Disinfection of a well water supply
Disinfection procedure for private drinking water wells
Flood and storm water concerns for private water systems

New Milford CT Real EstateI always suggest to my sellers BEFORE putting their home on the market that they have the well water tested. It just makes more sense to me and prevents a whole lot of hassle if an offer does come in and there are contaminants found in the water. But do know, a well found free of bacteria today does not mean it will be free from bacteria always, there are so many factors that enter into play with your well. Keeping the area around your wells in clean, good working condition is a must. Proper well caps will help, but there are natural occurring conditions that do affect our wells that are totally out of our control.

Don’t be afraid of your well water, as shocking as the test results might be to you! A common issue, most of the time easily fixed can put your well water right back into shape again!

Shocking the wells in New Milford, CT, real estate information.

The writer of this story strongly advises you only shock your well with chlorine, shocking with any form of electricity may be hazardous to your health! And try explaining that one to your friends and family! To think, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn last night. (<— humor intended here)